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Chattanooga interior design

Chattanooga Interior Design 🪑 | 8 Best Chattanooga Interior Designers & Decorators

Last Updated on: 18th September 2023, 03:56 am

If you are making structural changes to your home, such as removing a wall, rerouting plumbing or electrical wiring, or adding a new room, windows, or doors, an interior designer can help you determine how best to use your new space. If you are moving into a new home or updating the furniture, paint, or flooring in your existing home, an interior decorator can help you with that. Interior designers and decorators have an eye for how to fill a space that’s functional, beautiful, and fits your personal taste. Check out this guide to the 8 best interior designers and decorators in Chattanooga!

Interior Designer Vs. Decorator

You might think an interior designer and an interior decorator are interchangeable. But the reality is that each one is quite different. Although interior designers decorate, interior decorators don’t design.

A major difference is that interior design requires education. Interior designers typically have bachelor’s degrees in Interior Design or Interior Architecture, where they study art history, architecture, furniture, and industrial design. They are skilled in design technology, such as CAD, and sketch, draft, and edit design plans and blueprints. They need an understanding of how to create functional spaces for a wide range of client tastes and needs and focus more on what a space does than how it looks.

Interior designers go beyond furniture and décor. They understand building plans, codes, and regulatory requirements. Interior designers secure building permits and advise on structural changes, plumbing, electricity, and more. They work closely with architects, engineers, and construction teams to design a space that is attractive and functional.

An interior decorator takes an existing or new home or business and selects furniture, window treatments, décor, paint, fabrics, and accessories that all blend into an attractive, cohesive space that fits the style, colors, and personality of the owners. Although becoming an interior decorator requires no formal training, it does take someone with an eye for how shapes, colors, designs, and fabrics all fit together to create an aesthetically pleasing space, from picking out the right couch to the perfect lampshade.

Artech Design Group | Award-Winning Chattanooga Interior Design

Artech is an architecture and interior design firm that designs everything from education facilities, healthcare facilities, mixed-use facilities, residential homes, adaptive reuse buildings, entertainment venues, and more. Atrtech’s multi-disciplinary architecture and interiors team repurposes and reimagines old buildings, designs and builds innovative schools and theaters, and is a leader in the architecture and interior design of healthcare facilities.

They also design stunning, functional, apartment buildings, build new homes, and renovate existing ones. Their team of architects and designers expertly guides you through the entire process. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary home, a traditional one, or anything in between, Artech can make your home dreams come true inside and out. They also have the expertise to revamp or upgrade any existing commercial or residential space. They’re one of the best Chattanooga Interior Designers & Decorators.

Artech Design Group, 1410 Cowart St, Chattanooga, TN 37408, 423-265-4313

Haskell Interiors | Award-Winning Interior Design in Chattanooga

Haskell Interiors takes care in creating rooms or homes that fit your unique style and needs. Its award-winning design team focuses on spaces that complement each client, enhancing beauty, functionality, and comfort. Haskell Interiors features a 12,000-square-foot interior design showroom to help make your design choices easier than ever. They work with every room in your house, from the master bedroom to the kitchen.

Haskell specializes in providing those one-of-a-kind products their clients are looking for, offering the largest selection of cabinetry, tile, plumbing, hardware, furniture, fabric, wall coverings, and accessories in Chattanooga. Haskell Interiors has won numerous awards and appeared in many regional and national magazines. If you’re looking for the best interior decorator in Chattanooga for a makeover of one room or the entire house, Haskell Interiors has the knowledge, experience, and inventory to make it happen. They’ll give you the look you want and partner with you every step of the way.

Some of the professional design services Haskell Interiors provides are residential and commercial interior design, kitchen design, bath design, custom window treatment design and fabrication, space planning, and lighting design.

Haskell Interiors, 85 1st St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311, (423) 472-6409

Featherlane Design | Top-Rated Chattanooga Interior Design Center

Featherlane Design mixes West Coast and Southern design influences to create home interior designs that are balanced, functional, and comfortable. The team at Featherlane meets with each client in their home to make sure they have a clear understanding of what the client is looking for before drawing any designs. Whether you want to update the kitchen, the living room, or the whole house, they take your vision and make it happen. They incorporate everything from furnishings to finishes and create renderings that must meet your approval before moving ahead with the project. They oversee the installation of every piece and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Featherlane Design also does home staging for clients who are interested in selling their homes. They make sure every chair, table, and picture on the wall is perfectly in balance and aesthetically pleasing so your home sells as quickly as possible.

Featherlane Design, 1513 Williams Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408, 423-779-6440

Frost Design | Top Residential and Commercial Design Team in Chattanooga

Frost Design is a residential and commercial interior design in Chattanooga. The owner, Lindsay Frost, has a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology: Interior Design from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She and her team design and create beautiful and functional spaces that meet and exceed her client’s needs. The team works closely with each client to create a space that is functional, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. They listen carefully to every client’s vision for a room and help make it a reality. Some of their stunning interior designs have been featured in Chattanooga’s CityScope magazine. If you’re looking for the best of the best Chattanooga Interior Designers & Decorators, this just very well be the one to go with!

Frost Design, 1413 Chestnut Street, Unit 105, Chattanooga, TN 37402, (423) 541-5961

The Green Room Interiors | The Best, Award-Winning Interior Designer in Chattanooga

The Green Room Interiors is an interior decorating firm that focuses on creating home spaces that are stunning and comfortable. The owner, Kim Lemmon, has a unique eye for color and patterns that results in well-designed spaces that are beautiful and pleasing. The Green Room Interiors takes your dreams and your goals and creates a room that is true to your voice while elevating the space.

The team at the Green Room has impeccable design skills and uses an intuitive approach, as well as years of experience, to create the right space for you. Whether you’re looking for stylish, sophisticated, or quirky, The Greem Room has the expertise to make your room shine with color and comfort! Services include decorating by the room, paint color consultation, custom window treatments, custom carpentry, interior painting, and bathroom renovations.

The Green Room Interiors, (423) 653-3186

K.P. Interiors | Elevated Home and Office Interior Design Chattanooga

Kathie Penland, the owner of K.P. Interiors, has over 30 years of experience designing homes and offices in Chattanooga. She is comfortable with a wide range of styles, providing clients with a finished product that suits their personalities. K.P. Interiors can help with all your residential interior design needs, such as paint selection, hardware finishes, furniture, accessories, and installation of your new designs. Kathie and her team tailor each project to the client’s wants, needs, and budget, whether reimaging a single room or an entire house. They also understand that your office is your customer’s first impression of your business and work with you to create a workspace that expresses who you are to your customers. They specialize in creating work environments that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. K.P. Interiors works with residential homes, office buildings, medical and dental offices, assisted living facilities, restaurants, and retail spaces.

K.P. Interiors, 5571 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37415, (423) 580-6671

Michelle Workman Interiors | High End interior Decorator in Chattanooga

Although based in Chattanooga, Michelle Workman is a highly sought-after interior decorator who specializes in high-end residential and commercial spaces all over the country. Her clients include Emmy Award winning producers and actors, Silicon Valley executives, and Manhattan philanthropists. Her work has been featured on German TV, HGTV, and E!, as well as top magazines such as Traditional Home, Veranda, and Interior Design Magazine. No project is too big or too small, whether a home, an office, a commercial building, or a hotel. Michelle’s services include full-service design and installation, one or more rooms design, window treatments, upholstery repair, and consultations.

Michelle Workman Interiors, 633 Chestnut St #600, Chattanooga, TN 37450, (423) 437-9000

Integrated Design Solutions | Affordable Interior Design in Chattanooga

At Integrated Design Solutions, their goal is to help create a space that is uniquely yours with their interior design Chattanooga in TN. They strongly believe that your home should reflect your personality and style, and they work with you to accomplish that goal. You might be looking to renovate the whole house or just need one room upgraded. Maybe you need nothing more than some finishing touches. Whatever your goal is, the expert team at Integrated Design Solutions can help.

They will walk through every step with you, from picking out the right color palette to selecting furniture and accessories that fit your style. If you’re looking for interior trim and design Chattanooga firms, they are one of them. From residential or commercial new construction to residential renovation and redesign to commercial design and décor, Integrated Design Solutions can take your vision and turn it into reality.

Integrated Design Solutions, (631) 732-7314

Chattanooga Interior Designers & Decorators Map

Chattanooga has some excellent interior designers and decorators to choose from. Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating, or looking for a new look, the top-rated Chattanooga moving team at All Out Moving is here to help you move or store your belongings you’re your renovation is complete. Call us today at 423-716-3025 for a free moving estimate!


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