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Chattanooga Climate Guide 🌤️ | Weather Averages & Chattanooga TN Weather Year-Round Conditions Explained!

Last Updated on: 25th March 2024, 07:01 pm

Tucked into the heart of the Southeastern United States, Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a city that’s bright in natural appeal, rich in culture, and home to a thriving community of 181,624 residents who enjoy the gentle climate and beautiful weather. With its unique position amidst the Appalachian Mountains, the Chattanooga climate is marked as a humid subtropical climate (Köppen classification “Cfa”), characterized by hot summers and winters that hover on the mild side, making it an appealing destination year-round.

The climate in Chattanooga TN creates lush, green landscapes that enhance the city’s charm, drawing both visitors and potential residents to its natural beauty and array of outdoor activities through all seasons. While climate represents long-term patterns and averages of temperature, humidity, and precipitation, weather captures the short-term variations and daily conditions. The mild climate in Chattanooga promises warm, humid summers and gentle winters, yet the Chattanooga weather year round can still surprise with bright, sunny afternoons, sudden rain showers, or a frosty chill. This interplay between the city’s stable climate and its occasionally unpredictable weather emphasizes Chattanooga’s appeal, offering a delightful variety of seasons complemented by the scenic beauty of the rolling Tennessee hills and meandering rivers, making living in Chattanooga a truly hard to beat choice.

Chattanooga Seasons

The climate in Chattanooga TN presents the full spectrum of four distinct seasons, each bringing its unique charm and set of weather patterns. Unlike regions marked by a binary of dry and wet seasons, the Chattanooga climate unfolds through the complete transition of spring’s bloom, summer’s warmth, autumn’s foliage, and winter’s gentle chill.


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While Chattanooga does not fall directly within Tornado Alley, it’s not immune to severe weather, particularly in the spring and early summer months when the conditions can lead to thunderstorms and, occasionally, tornadoes. The city is also on the outside limits of areas affected by hurricanes or their remnants, typically in the late summer and fall, bringing heightened rainfall and, at times, strong winds.

So, what is the weather like in Chattanooga? Here’s how the Chattanooga seasonal weather typically plays out:

Spring in Chattanooga

Spring in Chattanooga, from March through May, is a time of renewal and mild weather, with ideal average spring temperatures in Chattanooga ranging from March’s 52(°F) to April’s 61(°F) and May’s 68(°F) and highs and lows in the 40’s and 70’s.

The average rainfall in Chattanooga in Spring is a wetter 3.6″-4.6″ inches, contributing to the annual rainfall in Chattanooga TN of 55.6″, so keep an umbrella handy, especially during March! Spring weather in Chattanooga is lovely, and as the saying goes, these showers bloom flowers along the natural landscape, perfect for outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, and whitewater rafting the Ocoee River!

If you’re looking for other things to do in Chattanooga in Spring, there’s no shortage. You’ll find anything from the exciting St. Patrick Day celebrations at Shamrock City to Springtime in Chattanooga Farmers Market at Coolidge Park, or check out the Chattanooga Zoo to see the active animals enjoying the lovely weather.

Summer in Chattanooga

Spanning June through August, the Chattanooga summer weather is characterized by its warmth and humidity, making it the quintessential season for water-related activities and outdoor adventures. The Chattanooga average temperature during these months is 68-79(°F), but often climbs to the upper 80s (°F). July stands out as the hottest month, reaching average highs of 89(°F) that necessitate a dip in the pool or a retreat to shaded areas.


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The humidity in Chattanooga is a constant companion of the Chattanooga summer weather, and July is again prominent, with 25.2 days considered ‘muggy’ or worse, although the average Chattanooga rainfalls starts to decline, leading into the least rainy month of August that only see’s 2.8″in.

The city in summer comes alive with lively festivals, bustling markets, and outdoor concerts that take advantage of the long, warm days. Popular things to do in Chattanooga in summer include the Tennessee Riverpark for leisurely walks or picnics by the water and Coolidge Park for its interactive fountains, ideal for a refreshing splash.

Fall in Chattanooga

Fall in Chattanooga is a remarkable season that captivates. The city, nestled along the Tennessee River and surrounded by mountains and ridges, offers a spectacular backdrop for the changing colors of fall, making it an ideal destination for those looking to experience the beauty of the season and feel the gorgeous Chattanooga fall weather. With cooler average temperatures in Chattanooga in the Fall, averaging 72(°F) in September, 61(°F) in October, and a crisp 51(°F) in November, and less rainfall, Fall (September specifically) is often considered the best time to visit Chattanooga!

With parks galore, there are numerous ways to enjoy the fall colors in Chattanooga that typically peak from mid-October to early November. Whether it’s a walk down Riverwalk and Bluff View Arts District, mountain biking Stringers Ridge Park, visiting Rock City Gardens and Sunset Rock, or taking a cruise aboard the Southern Belle Riverboat through the Tennessee River Gorge, fall is simply incredible.


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Winter in Chattanooga

Chattanooga TN winter weather is mildly cool yet variable. And how cold does it get in Chattanooga?

With average winter temperatures in Chattanooga TN hovering between 43(°F) in December, 40(°F) in January, and 44(°F) in February, and Chattanooga winter weather lows reaching 33(°F) and highs of 55(°F), the season is generally comfortable compared to more northern locales. Although comparatively comfortable, the winter weather in Chattanooga TN can still be unpredictable, with December seeing the highest average Chattanooga rainfall—averaging about 4.9″ inches- so it’s wise to be prepared for wet, wintery conditions where rain can turn to sleet or even snow.

Speaking of, does it snow in Chattanooga TN? Although rare in the city and mostly contained to nearby mountains, the Chattanooga winter weather does see a bout or two of snow, averaging 0.1″ inches in December and 0.6″ inches  in January!

For those seeking things to do in Chattanooga in the winter, the city doesn’t disappoint. Chattanooga’s winter activities range from exploring indoor attractions, like The Hunter Museum of American Art and the Chattanooga Aquarium, when the winter weather Chattanooga TN is less than ideal, to exploring the outdoors on less rainy days. The average winter temperature in Chattanooga TN ensures that outside activities remain enjoyable year round!

Given the moderate Chattanooga winter weather, visitors are advised to pack a few layers and a warm coat for the colder days, including a waterproof jacket, to remain cozy and dry.

Chattanooga Monthly Weather | Chattanooga Average Temperatures

Let’s explore the Chattanooga weather by month and how the average monthly temperatures in Chattanooga TN ebb and flow!

Chattanooga Weather in January

Chattanooga January weather is brisk, typically the coldest month. The average temperature in Chattanooga in January is 40(°F), ranging from highs of 50(°F) to lows of 33(°F). The city often experiences serene, frosty landscapes.

Chattanooga Weather February

Chattanooga weather in February averages 44(°F), with a temperature span from 55(°F) to 36(°F). Although still chilly, the month gradually transitions towards early spring conditions.

Chattanooga March Weather

The Chattanooga weather in March starts warming as the average temperature in Chattanooga in March rises to 52°F. Temperatures vary between 64(°F) and 43(°F). Early blooms start to appear, hinting at the coming spring’s arrival.

Chattanooga April Weather

In April, Chattanooga’s average temperature is 61(°F), with a higher range around 72(°F) and lows at 51(°F). The Chattanooga weather in April is known to bring vibrant spring blossoms!

Chattanooga May Weather

Chattanooga weather in May brings an average temperature of 68(°F), with daytime highs of 79(°F) and nighttime lows of 59(°F), perfect for the outdoor Chattanooga Market.

Chattanooga June Weather

Chattanooga weather in June is a warm 76(°F), ranging from highs of 86(°F) to lows of 67(°F), marking the beginning of the summer outdoor activities and festivals.

Chattanooga July Weather

Chattanooga weather in July heats up to an average of 79(°F), frequently hitting highs of 89(°F), making it the hottest month, ideal for water-related activities to cool down.

Chattanooga August Weather

Chattanooga weather in August maintains an average temperature of 78(°F), with typical highs of 88(°F) and lows around 70(°F), still prime time for summer events and barbecues.

Chattanooga September Weather

Chattanooga weather in September cools as fall takes hold. The average temperature in Chattanooga in September reaches a lovely 72(°F), with temperatures ranging from 82(°F) to 63(°F). This month signals the transition to pleasant fall weather.

Chattanooga October Weather

Chattanooga TN weather in October sees average temperatures of 61(°F), highs of 72(°F), and lows of 51(°F). The month is popular for its stunning fall foliage and outdoor festivals.

Chattanooga November Weather

November weather in Chattanooga TN experiences an average temperature of 51(°F), with highs of 62(°F) and lows of 42(°F), and the colorful leaves often linger early in the month.

Chattanooga December Weather

December weather in Chattanooga TN  averages 43(°F), with a temperature range of 53(°F) to 36(°F). It’s a festive month, with holiday lights brightening the shorter days and colder nights.

Annual Chattanooga Climate Statistics

The Chattanooga Metro Area in Tennessee has a humid subtropical climate characterized by mild to cool winters and hot, humid summers. Here are some key details regarding the Chattanooga tn climate and Chattanooga average weather:

  • Average temperature in Chattanooga TN: The Chattanooga average temperature is 60.85(°F).
  • Average number of sunny days in Chattanooga: 207 sunny days per year (U.S. average is 205 sunny days).
  • Average Chattanooga rainfall: 51 inches of rain per year (U.S. average is 38 inches).
  • Average snowfall Chattanooga TN: 2 inches of snow per year (U.S. average is 28 inches).
  • Coldest month in Chattanooga: January, with an average low of 28.9(°F).
  • Hottest month in Chattanooga: July, with an average high of 89.0(°F).
  • Driest month in Chattanooga: October, with an average rainfall of 3.2 inches.
  • Wettest month in Chattanooga: December, by rainfall, with an average of 4.9 inches, and highest Average Humidity in Chattanooga TN
  • Average Rainfall in Chattanooga TN: The Chattanooga average rainfall is 52.44 inches per year.
  • Most humid month in Chattanooga: July is typically the most humid
  • Snowiest month in Chattanooga: January, with an average of 0.6 inches of snow.
  • Sunniest month in Chattanooga: May is the sunniest month with little precipitation.
  • Chattanooga’s record cold temperature: -10(°F) in January 1966 & 1985.
  • Chattanooga’s record high temperature: 107(°F) in July 2012.

Extreme Weather in Chattanooga

Although the weather in Chattanooga Tennessee isn’t as extreme as other states, featuring little hurricane or earthquake risk, Chattanooga has been grappling with various severe weather events in recent years, often an occurrence of climate change.

The region has experienced record rainfall, leading to flash flooding, excessive heat, and the occurrence of nearby wildfires, which leads to poor air quality. Tornadoes also pose threats in Chattanooga, with a tornado index of 155.02 compared to the U.S. average of 136.45. The wind factor, overall, is moderate, and typically, the worst is tropical storm-force winds.

Although certain recent events have put a strain on infrastructure and have disproportionately affected vulnerable populations, the Chattanooga tn climate and weather are typically tamed and not measurably extreme.

Best Time to Visit Chattanooga

For those seeking the best time to visit Chattanooga, the prime windows are from mid-May to mid-June and again from mid-August to early October. Based on the Chattanooga weather averages, many people dub September as the absolute best time to visit Chattanooga in terms of comfortability, but with each season being unique, the spring and fall months as a whole have much to give.

These periods strike a delightful balance, offering clear, rainless days with ideal temperatures ranging from 65(°F) to 80(°F) – a stark contrast to the sweltering, humid heights of July.

Chattanooga’s tourist season generally mirrors these optimal weather windows, with a lull in the deep summer when the heat can be intense. Visitors who travel to Chattanooga during the recommended times will find a city alive with outdoor concerts, art shows, and culinary festivals, ensuring a rich blend of experiences to enjoy in conjunction with the beautiful weather.

For those enchanted by the alluring climate in Chattanooga TN and considering making it their home, the city promises a lifestyle balanced by moderate weather and a community that thrives year-round. If the prospect of living where the Chattanooga tn climate complements the rhythm of daily life sounds appealing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert Chattanooga movers. We’re here to guide you through the process of making Chattanooga your new home, so give us a call at 432-716-3025 to turn that dream into a reality.


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