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living in moving to red bank tn

What is Living in Red Bank TN Like? | 🚴‍♂️ COMPLETE Moving to Red Bank TN Guide

Last Updated on: 24th April 2024, 10:45 pm

Just outside of one of Tennessee’s biggest cities, Chattanooga, is the stunning city of Red Bank.The city was originally known as “Pleasant Hill,” but once a post office was set up, the government asked the community to change the name since “Pleasant Hill” was already taken. The postmasters’ wife at the time decided to name the city “Red Bank” since it reminded her of the red soil along the bank of Stringer’s branch. Since then, Red Bank has been able to flourish with many young adults relocating here for its job opportunities and safe environment. Red Bank is actually known for the numerous prosperous small businesses in the area, providing hope to others that their enterpenusip dreams can come true. The city is home of the Lions, 2001 TSSAA Class V-A State Football Champions and the center for many local churches and civic activities. Notable people from Red Bank include Pulitzer prize winners Bill Dedman and Wendell Rawls, Jr.

Red Bank, TN Population & Demographics

The population of Red Bank is 11,745 people. Females make up 52.3% of the population while males make up 47.7%.  The city isn’t seen to be very racially diverse. Red Bank’s racial demographics are 84.2% White, 5.99% African American, 3.96% White, 3.07% mixed races, and 0.988% Asian. Only 5.9% of Red Bank’s household speak a foreign language in their homes. The median age in Red Bank is 37.7. There are many different marriage and family situations in Red Bank with 50% of the population being married and the remaining being single, widowed, or divorced. It’s understandable that residents want to feel safe in their community. Luckily, Red Bank has 23 police officers working at the Red Bank police department, making Red Bank a very safe place to live.

Red Bank Cost of Living

Red Bank is considered to be very affordable when you’re comparing the cost of living to the national and Tennessee average. Red Bank is 24% less expensive to live in than the national average and 1.6% cheaper than the rest of Tennessee. This is mainly due to Red Bank’s housing market. The median cost of a home in Red Bank is $235,00 or $168 per square foot. Since an increasing number of people are wanting to relocate to Red Bank for its affordability, the housing market is seen to be fairly competitive with homes being sold within 35 days for 2% higher than the original asking price. Red Bank’s housing costs increased by 6.05% in the past year and are expected to follow that pattern in the next year, so now is the perfect time to buy one of the many beautiful homes for sale in Red Bank, TN before prices continue to rise. The homeownership rate in Red Bank is 53.3%, so there are plenty of people that look to rent in the area. The average rent in Red Bank is $1,169 for a 1,005 square foot apartment. This price can vary depending on size and quality of the apartment.

Red Bank, TN Neighborhoods

The most popular neighborhoods in Red Bank are Lower Red Bank, Stringers Branch, and Pickering. Lower Red Bank is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the area with 6,474 residents. This neighborhood has older people living here that have small kids getting ready to go to school. Many enjoy Lower Red Bank for its wide variety of house styles and sizes, fitting the needs of any individual or family. Stringers Branch is one of Red Bank’s smallest neighborhoods. About half of Stringers Branch’s residents own their home. Pickering is also a fairly small neighborhood with several older adults. This neighborhood is located in the heart of Red Bank and residents can find many restaurants and stores nearby.

Red Bank, TN Weather

Many Red Bank residents love the city because of its temperate climate allowing fairly mild weather year round. The summers in Red Bank are hot and humid with highs of 88°F and lows of 70°F. Meanwhile, Red Banks’ winters are fairly cold and wet with an average high temperature of 55°F and low temperature of 40°F. Red Bank gets a good amount of precipitation throughout the year with 51 inches of rainfall and 2 inches of snow. Luckily, there are still 210 sunny days in Red Bank, allowing residents to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities in the pleasant weather. Most people like to visit Red Bank during May, September and October when it isn’t too hot and the cold season hasn’t begun yet. Red Bank also provides for some very convenient shopping, including Food City and Northside Neighborhood House Red Bank Store.

Things to Do in Red Bank

There is plenty to see and do here in Red Bank, TN! Just look at the various exciting activities there are to do in Red Bank down below:

Red Bank Dog Park


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Feel guilty for not getting the dog outside in the past few days? No worries, just head over to Red Bank Dog Park that allows dogs to run and pay in a fenced area. You don’t even havy to worry about bringing a leash!

798 Ben Miller Pkwy, Red Bank, TN 37415, (423) 877-1103

Vintage & More on the Blvd

Vintage & More is the perfect place to visit for any music or arts lover. This store offers a wide selection of antiques and vintage items, including guitars, records, DVDs, paintings, and more! You won’t only find items you love, you’ll discover valuables that you didn’t know you needed!

3874 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37415, (423) 602-5497

Additional Things to do in and around Red Bank

The City of Red Bank has built seven parks for its residents to enjoy throughout the city. Check these out on the City of Red Banks parks website.

Red Bank Restaurants

Here are some of the top-rated restaurants in Red Bank for you to try out below:

Be Caffeinated

If you ever need a morning pick me up, then Be Caffeinated is the place to go! They are known for their delectable coffee signature drinks, including Chattahooligan, Gig City Mocha, Hazelnut Bliss and Honey (Bee). Hundreds of Red Banker’s rave about this place for its high quality coffee at reasonable prices. Be Caffeinated also serves tea, hot chocolate, chai, and refreshers.

3601 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank, TN 37415, (423) 541-5510

Rice Boxx

If you’re craving Asian food, you will love Rice Boxx! There’s a reason this place has hundreds of five star reviews. Whether you’re craving fried rice or a sushi roll, you can get it here!

3600 Hixson Pike #104, Chattanooga, TN 37415

Map of Red Bank, TN

Check out this awesome Red Bank map that lets you explore the different restaurants to eat at, things to do, and shops to visit.

Red Bank Statistics & Information

Red Bank is located in Hamilton County. The area code for Red Bank is 423. Red Bank’s zip codes are 37405 and 37415. The elevation for Red Bank is 722 feet. Red Bank is a part of the Eastern Daylight Time zone. The city is fairly small with it being 6.56 square miles in area.

Jobs in Red Bank, TN

The median household salary for Red Bank is $42,618. The city currently employs 6,061 people – a 3.32% increase from last year! The majority of those jobs are found in health care, retail, and food service. The highest paying industries in Red Bank are utilities, wholesale trade, and real estate.

Most Red Bank residents will have a short commute time of 17.4 minutes, which is significantly lower than the US average. One of the biggest reasons why residents don’t have to travel far to their job is because Red Bank is located right next to one of Tennessee’s biggest cities, Chattanooga. If you’re planning on driving to Chattanooga for your job, click here for directions from Red Bank, TN to Chattanooga, TN, which is 10 minutes away.  

Are you  looking for a specific job position in the Red Bank area? Check out the various job openings listed on for Red Bank.

Schools in Red Bank, TN

There are plenty of great schools to choose from in the Red Bank area. Some of the most popular schools in Red Bank include Red Bank Primary School, Alpine Crest Elementary School, Red Bank Middle School, and Red Bank High School. There are also good options of private schools in Red Bank, like The Bright School, Scenic Land School, and McCallie School. Students also enjoy visiting the Red Bank Public Library to enhance their studies by finding various interesting books to read.

Living in Red Bank Tips

  • Make sure to visit one of the many parks and delicious restaurants nearby
  • Check out the various neighborhoods to get a feel on which one will fit all your needs
  • Look at the various different job opportunities in the city

Ready to pack your belongings and relocate to Red Bank? If so, you’ll want the assistance from our professional Red Bank moving company, All Out Moving, to help get you there! Call us today at 423-716-3025 for a free quote!


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