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Tennessee Intrastate Movers


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Thinking about relocating to a new city in Tennessee? No matter how far you plan to travel, nearly every type of move is full of tedious duties that are time-consuming and stressful. Thankfully, that’s where we can help!

Serving all of Hamilton County and the Chattanooga Metropolitan Area, our team is dedicated to providing top-tier local and long distance services. We’re experts at organizing the logistics of any size intrastate move to keep the process as seamless as possible. In everything we do, our goal is to be the best Tennessee intrastate moving company.

What Is a Tennessee Intrastate Move?

Not familiar with the term “intrastate” (or with the idea of Tennessee intrastate moving companies)? Most people who haven’t completed an intrastate move usually are not. Put simply, the term refers to any relocation that occurs within the same state. This differs from interstate relocation, which refers to out-of-state moves. 

With Tennessee being such a long state, your Chattanooga intrastate move may either be categorized as local or long distance. What’s the difference? Local moves are considered to be any relocation that is under 50 miles. Alternatively, long distance relocations are those that exceed 50 miles.

What are some of the most common reasons for intrastate moves in Tennessee (that require people to hire intrastate moving companies)? One of the biggest is moving for a new job or career. Providing numerous employment opportunities across every imaginable industry, Chattanooga and other cities throughout the state are great places to move for a fresh start job-wise.

People also make intrastate moves in Tennessee to be closer to loved ones. Moving back home after college, getting married, or relocating to live near the grandkids are all popular choices that we see on a regular basis at All Out Moving & Storage.

No matter your reasons, our five-star Tennessee statewide movers are here to plan and facilitate a relaxed, stress-free intrastate move so that you can focus on the most important parts of your life.

How to Move Within Tennessee With All Out Moving & Storage

What’s the best way to move to your new home in Tennessee? Outsourcing your relocation tasks to our experienced and reliable Chattanooga intrastate moving company ensures a simple and efficient journey.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you’ll receive from our Tennessee in state movers at All Out Moving:

These (and the many other) valuable Tennessee intrastate moving services we provide will save you time, money, and frustration. Add countless hours back into your schedule, eliminate common moving stressors, and reduce the risk of damage and moving-related injuries when partnering with our five-star staff.

How Much is a Tennessee Intrastate Move?

What is the cost of hiring Chattanooga in state movers? Here at All Out Moving & Storage, we make it a point to offer affordable pricing and flat rates for long distance moves. Because of our transparent pricing structure, you’ll never be surprised by unexpected expenses.

Before setting your moving budget for hiring your chosen Tennessee statewide moving company, the best way to plan for your relocation expenses is to request a custom quote from our knowledgeable staff. 

What are the variables that go into calculating your intrastate moving costs? When Chattanooga statewide moving companies calculate your costs, the biggest factor is the total volume or weight of your items. Pricing for Tennessee intrastate movers is also heavily based on the miles traveled from your current city to your destination city in Tennessee. Other cost-related factors include the total number of services you need (e.g., short or long-term storage, professional packing, piano moving, etc.), and your move-in/move-out dates.

Choosing the Best Tennessee Intrastate Movers

Selecting the best Tennessee in state moving company for your needs is an absolute must in order to guarantee a smooth journey.

Want tips for choosing your Chattanooga intrastate movers? Use the following strategies to decide between Tennessee in state moving companies:

All Out Moving & Storage happily checks all of these boxes! You can also feel free to ask about the following items when speaking with a representative:

Our moving trucks

  • We always provide dedicated trucks for each intrastate move
  • What is the age of the trucks used? 
  • Are they routinely cleaned and maintained?
  • What is the size of trucks available?
  • We provide:
    • Toolboxes
    • Straps
    • Furniture blankets
    • Dollies – furniture and box
    • Wardrobe boxes
    • Extra boxes
    • Shrink wrap
    • Tape 

Moving crew training and experience

  • On every intrastate move, we provide a dedicated crew
  • Does the team receive any special training?
  • How long have team members been with the company (on average)?
  • How does the team work together?


  • Ask about whether the following are used: Truck tracking, GPS, special software

With over eight years in business as a Chattanooga in state moving company, veteran owned and operated All Out Moving & Storage maintains an outstanding reputation with clients. Employing 50+ full-time employees, we’ve had the privilege of completing well over 4,000 moves across Tennessee and beyond. Through all of these relocations, we proudly maintain an impressive 99% client satisfaction rating!

Equipped to serve clients throughout Hamilton County and the Chattanooga Metropolitan Area, our reliable staff is ready to exceed your expectations for your upcoming intrastate move. Call us today at 423-716-3025 for your custom quote!